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Minor release of Comotion Dash

30 August 2021

Minor bug fixes and a new version of Superset to be released on Friday 3rd of October 2021

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Key Changes

This release is a minor release, and addresses the following:

  • A new minor version of Superset - the dash graphing front end
  • Fix to a bug in the SQLLab text editor that caused periodical deletion of text

Known issues

On aggregated table charts where there are no metrics, no group by is applied. A workaround for this issue is to add a simple metric to the table.

Before you go

We are constantly working on improving your Comotion Dash experience. If there is any specific information you want us to add to improve your experience, please get in touch.

New to Comotion Dash?

Check out our Comotion Dash Overview page for more information and examples on how to make Comotion Dash work for you.

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Last update: August 30, 2021